About Us

Our Difference

Built to Clean

Our washers are designed and built to meet your exacting clean specification. Period. From the first part to the last, we know that reliable cleaning performance is what matters most.

Built with Lasting Quality

We take pride in the fact that our washers are manufactured with an attention to build quality that sets us apart from the competition. From thoughtful engineering and design; to heavy gauge frames, panels and componentry; to an attention to detail you can see; you can trust that your next FMT washer has been crafted to serve you reliably for years to come.

Built on Experience

Leveraging vast knowledge and experience across multiple industries, our process experts, engineers and manufacturing teams will meet or exceed your expectations. From pre-cleaning a few parts per day, to precision cleaning thousands of parts per hour—we have delivered thousands of machines to the top industrial brands across North America.

Built on Trust

Our machines are built in the USA, built tough, and provide years of reliable service.When the occasional maintenance question or issues arise, we take pride in providing unparalleled support, in-house and field services, and parts to minimize any potential downtime.