Testing & Lab Services

When building any cleaning system, we start with the question “How clean is clean?” Each customer has unique cleaning requirements for their application and our in-house laboratory and testing center allows us to hit those specs every time.

Testing the Process

Our in-house testing center allows us to test process requirements and determine what is best for your application.

  • Experiment with various 
chemistries to remove 
contaminants/oil from parts
  • Attempt to provide the most 
benign process
  • Attempt to provide the lowest cost solution
  • Experiment with equipment to 
verify required spray pressures, 
liquid temperatures, dry-off 
temperature and dry-off air volume 
to ensure proper equipment design
  • Testing is performed on the floor 
with actual test equipment

Testing the Part

After we build your machine we can test the parts to make sure they meet your cleanliness specification.

  • There are a variety of testing procedures at our disposal
  • Test procedures are dictated by the 
contaminant being tested for or by the unit of measure used
  • Millipore particulate size test; measures maximum particle size on the part
  • Expressed in microns (1 micron =.000039”)
  • Documented for future reference
  • Pictures taken of particulate and sent to client
  • Can develop the cleanliness specification 
for customer
  • Can determine proper part handling 
and fixturing